Parma Chai and Keytar Bear NE Tour Teaser

STRIKING NEWS!!! Keytar Bear and Parma Chai are bonding forces and doing a New England Tour and a compilation CD! Notable, derelict buskers are DOING IT RIGHT, Guerilla TourStyle!! Keytar Bear recently made a decadent appearance and performance at OOTB Gallery Allston (he is an avid supporter of OOTB for several years) and watched the Droimlins cover this famous Madonna song, and asked that he and I do a version as well: off-the-cuff, practice style IN THE GALLERY! Unfortunately, all we had was a cellphone to record it,a couple of edible treats and lots of instant coffee… but here’s a teaser of what we CAN do with more technology and time! And lucky us, we got to put it first on the Parma Chai website, newly renovated by the beautiful Liz LaManche! Photo credit of Parma Chai by Stee McMorris!: THANK YOU!!! ENJOY, and let us know how YOU feel about the upcoming duo tour. PSSST: I am going as Esmeralda, and he as Keytar! Let US know where you wanna play!! A fundraiser will be on the WAY to support the tour, new housing arrangements for Keytar Bear so he can be right in the city for all of his events, and the buildup of the Out of the Blue Too Allston Gallery:, most recently co-owned by Parma Chai and Tom Tipton and Founded by Tom Tipton, nearly 25 years ago!!!